This privacy policy is applicable to the website and the Greney APP. This policy explains how we collect, use and disclose your personal data, including our obligations and your rights when dealing with your personal information to realize our commitment to provide you with a satisfactory and comfortable shopping experience.
Please read this policy carefully. If you choose the products and services provided on this website with/or use this website, it means that you agree that this privacy policy is applicable to all of our personal information, and any controversy about privacy will be subject to this privacy. Followers and rules of policy and the terms and rules of this website.
We understand the importance of protecting personal data and thank you for your trust. We will respect your privacy in a cautious and wise way.
1) Personal information
1.1 Personal Information ("Personal Information") includes your name, address, email address, telephone number, gender, age, credit card or debit card data, as well as other information you provide for us to identify.

1.2 Our website is only applicable to adults. We will not intend to collect any personal information of children under 16 years old. Children under 16 are not allowed to use this website or provide us with any personal information.

1.3 Once you voluntarily provide us with personal information about others, you declare to us and guarantee that you have obtained the necessary permission of the person to allow us to use the personal information of the person in accordance with the provisions of this privacy policy.

2) Collect personal information
2.1 When you use this website, including when you voluntarily register an account on this website or update your existing personal information, subscribe to a communication or a booklet, send an email to us, use our customer service, answer questionnaires, participate in promotions, participate in promotions Event, post information on our website or social network message board or submit any information to our website, we may ask you to provide personal information.

2.2 Please note that you must provide several personal information (will be listed at the time of collection). If you fail to provide any personal information marked as a must, we may not be able to handle your requirements or provide you with our products or services.

2.3 We may use cookies or similar technologies on the webpage to help us manage your web experience and provide personalized websites for customers. We do not use cookies or similar technologies to collect or store personal data. You can simply modify the use setting of the browser to stop cookies or similar technologies, but stop cookies or similar technologies, certain functions may be applicable anymore Essence

3) Collect the purpose of personal data
3.1 We collect and use your personal information for:

Process your requirements or orders, provide services, such as providing goods, clothing changes and other services;

Provide you with customer service and reply to your inquiries, opinions or requirements;

Tracking and analyzing the history of your purchase, trading, shopping models, account activities and payment;

4. 4..
Provide information about the company and our products, such as address book, activities, promotional products or competition activities;

Investigate and analyze research and statistics, products and services to improve your shopping experience (we can customize our website according to your interests and provide you with specific products accordingly); and

Observe legal requirements.

4) Manage personal information
4.1 We take reasonable measures to ensure that our collected personal data is disclosed, abused or lost without authorization. Unless the law has other requirements or permits, we will collect, use, or disclose your profile, including your personal information, including your personal data, including the content of the privacy policy.

4.2 Our data security department is responsible for ensuring that your personal data is protected and used strictly in accordance with Article 3. We treat your privacy seriously. We have implemented safe data guarantee measures, including:

Limit physical security measures such as entering facilities and appropriate disposal of personal data; and

Electronic security measures for accessing computerized personal data, such as password protection.

4.3 We may share your profile with Fast Hamping Group, but the premise is to obtain your consent so that we can notify you about your favorite products, services, rewards and special offers. These notifications can be provided to you through mail, email, telephone, SMS, automatic dial -up notification device or other forms of electronic methods to use the contact information you provided to us.

4.4 Please note that we are not responsible for sharing or publishing the content submitted to our website in public places in our website. These places are public areas, and anyone can check or view it, so it is not a privacy policy.

5) Storage of personal information
5.1 We will maintain your personal information accurate, complete and latest in accordance with Article 3.

5.2 We only retain the individual information necessary for the purpose or legal requirements listed in Article 3.

6) Discover to the third party
6.1 Unless you have consent/if you are not opposed or with legal requirements/permits, your personal data shall not be used for the purpose other than the goals listed in Article 3.

6.2 In order to fulfill the purpose of Article 3, we may disclose or transfer your personal data to Xieli manufacturers (whether in Hong Kong, Macau or overseas), including our parent companies and related companies, especially we may help us help us The cooperative manufacturer contractor or service provider ("Xieli Manufacturer") shared your personal data, such as technical service providers, property transactions, logistics services, transportation, reward plans, order management and customer service, fraud investigation and///// Or transaction analysis conducted through this website.

6.3 Please rest assured that when we disclose your personal information to a third party, we will follow the contract or other appropriate ways to ensure that this third party complies with this privacy policy and all applicable Hong Kong Privacy Law.

6.4 We may provide a third party for different purposes (including market promotion and publicity) to be provided to third parties when your identity will not be recognized, and you may use this information to better understand your needs and improve and adjust our products. and service.

6.5 If we think that it is necessary to share your personal information with the cooperation manufacturer in the reason specified in these clauses, we will notify you, and will only provide you with your consent / indicating that you are not opposed. The cooperative manufacturer.

6.6 If we find alleged fraud, threatening personal safety or violation of our terms and rules or related laws, we will take timely and all appropriate measures to investigate and relieve such risks.

6.7 Through personal information to us on this website or in other ways, you clearly authorize us to disclose and use your information as described. If you do not agree with the use of the above personal data, do not use the website.

7) Change of privacy policy
7.1 We may change our privacy policy from time to time. You have the obligation to look at our website often to view the latest changes in privacy policies.

8) The right to browse personal information
8.1 You have the right to check our personal data and require correction or delete your personal information.

8.2 If you have any questions about this privacy policy, or you want to query, correct or delete our personal information, edit or update your personal information on the "My Account" page or send a written request directly to The following address:

Email address:

8.3 To process any requirements for checking or correction of personal information, we retain our rights to charge you a reasonable fee.

9) Third party rights
Even after the effectiveness of the "Regulations on the Contract (Third Party Rights) of the Third Party" (Chapter 623) and/or other jurisdictions, this privacy policy is only established for the interests of the two parties between you and us. Create or give any interests for third parties. Under the same laws such as the Regulations of the Contract (Third Rights) and/or other jurisdictions, the applicability of a third party to grant a third party to exercise the right to exercise the privacy policy is clear. This privacy policy is not or offending any third party exercise. The right to exercise, revoke, agree, abandon, change, or handle the privacy policy of this privacy policy does not require any consent of the third party.